September 17, 2021

Introducing: Modern Electric

Introducing: Modern Electric


Modern Electric stands as a beacon of innovation in the realm of energy solutions for businesses. With a focus on human-centered design, we have guided our ethos for over a century. Our solutions are crafted not by chasing fleeting trends, but by understanding and addressing the enduring needs of people. This approach ensures that our offerings are not only original but also timeless, creating a lasting impact in the energy sector.

What We Believe

At the core of Modern Electric is the belief that enduring solutions begin and end with people. Our century-long journey has been steered by this principle, focusing on human needs rather than transient tastes or trends. By doing so, we create energy solutions that are both original and timeless, making an enduring impact in every endeavor.

Who We Are

Modern Electric, at its heart, is more than just an energy company; it's a bastion of design thinking. We harness the power of design to enrich lives, crafting solutions that are as beautiful as they are functional. Our products and services are designed to empower people, helping them thrive in their environments.

Problem-Solving Designs

We utilize design as a powerful tool to address people's needs. Our approach is rooted in problem-solving, ensuring every product we create is not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional and enduring. This philosophy is what sets Modern Electric apart in the energy solutions sector.

What We Do

In an era of unprecedented consumer choice, Modern Electric differentiates itself through its actions. With more touchpoints with our customers than ever before, we maintain our course by setting the standard for original design, transforming insights into solutions, and embracing our corporate responsibility.

  1. Setting the Bar for Original Design: At Modern Electric, we are committed to authoring designs that are not only beautiful and useful but also made to endure. We demand the same level of expertise and creativity from our partners, making design an integral part of our business.
  2. Transforming Insights into Solutions: Our ongoing research into how people live and work informs our evolving perspective on how environments can meet both emotional and functional needs. This vantage point allows us to effectively solve problems for our customers.
  3. Embracing Corporate Responsibility: Our commitment to finding better ways forward touches every aspect of our business. This leads to groundbreaking product innovations, a focus on a healthy and inclusive work environment, and a leading role in sustainability.

How We Show Up

Modern Electric's ethos is found in the balance between ideals. We value beauty and utility equally, believing that one cannot exist without the other. Our designs are a testament to this belief, functioning well and inspiring a sense of connection, desire, and joy.

  1. Beautiful & Useful: Our designs aim to achieve both functionality and inspiration. When a design works well and evokes connection, desire, and joy, it embodies the essence of Modern Electric.
  2. Curious & Informed: Our extensive and time-tested research is continually supplemented by our curiosity about the world. We constantly gather new information to strengthen our perspective.
  3. Generous & Rigorous: We envision a way of living that prioritizes people, characterized by optimism and generosity. Our design process is meticulous, ensuring that our products are enduring and beneficial to our customers.
  4. Expressive & Honest: Our designs exhibit joy and imagination without compromising honesty. We evoke genuine feelings while ensuring every detail serves its essential purpose.


Modern Electric is meticulous about the stories we tell and how we tell them. Our brand voice, shaped by leading writers and designers, reflects warmth, intelligence, and spirit. This approach to storytelling has been a hallmark of our brand since its inception.

  1. Warm: Our communication style is inclusive and genuine, creating a tactile and authentic connection with our audience.
  2. Intelligent: We convey knowledge confidently, assuming a similar level of intellect from our audience.
  3. Spirited: Our personality is lively and vivid, communicating joy and a touch of the unexpected.

Why We Matter

Modern Electric's story is one of innovation. We have been instrumental in shaping the fields of environmental design, lean manufacturing, facility management, ergonomics, and American modernism. Our contributions have been pivotal in the evolution of the energy solutions sector.


We recognize our responsibility to ensure that everyone has access to our creations. By doing so, more people can connect with our products and ideas, benefiting both individuals and our business.

  1. Perceivable: We ensure that information is discernible to all, offering text alternatives for non-text content and multimedia alternatives for time-based media.
  2. Operable: Our content and interfaces are designed to be accessible through assistive technology, avoiding triggers that could cause adverse reactions.
  3. Understandable: We make our content readable and easy to understand, ensuring predictability and assistance in navigation.
  4. Robust: Our content is accessible across current and future browsers, web-enabled devices, and assistive